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Biographie The battery life of the Arlo camera needs to be improved. How Do You Do That?
Enhancing battery longevity

Your use will affect how long your Arlo camera's battery lasts. To extend the battery life of your camera, follow these recommendations:

Make sure your Arlo camera is always running the most recent firmware. Update it if necessary and restart the camera.
Use your Arlo camera's best or most battery-efficient power settings whenever possible. Cut the length of your recordings. You may set up your Arlo camera to only record brief movies, which will allow you to conserve battery life.
Only place your camera in strategic locations. When someone or something passes by your camera if it is pointed at a busy road, the motion detection feature will start to work.
This will regularly trigger the video recording feature, rapidly depleting the battery. Install your camera within your wireless home router's and base station's (if any) good signal range. Avoid placing more than one WiFi router or wireless device close to your Arlo camera.
To keep the battery charged at all times, you can install a solar panel to your camera.
Finally, try to position your camera in places with enough light. IR sensors may have to work harder in dark environments.

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